Historic Pine Floor Restoration

Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Wood Floor Repairs
About This Project

This was a century home built in the 1860s. A second story was added. All of the utilities and walls on the main level were removed or relocated, leaving massive scars throughout the fragile pine floors. Something had to be done to bring these back to life.

I sourced some of the matching flooring from under the cabinetry to make seamless patches throughout, but it wasn’t enough. More flooring was sourced out for the remained of the repairs.

A roof truss was accidentally dropped on the floor, breaking off a plank. The hole was carefully spliced in with new flooring.

The entire floor was heavily sanded using 16 and 24 grit paper for the first pass, to level it off. It was final sanded with a 100 grit, stained with an Early American oil based stain, and satin oil based polyurethane.