Refinished Staircase in East Vancouver

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About This Project

A client in East Vancouver called and explained that they were looking to match their staircase to their newly installed vinyl flooring. They had attempted to install vinyl on their stairs but were not satisfied with the end result. I suggested a maple or birch hardwood tread, with matching maple posts and railings. A local supplier just happened to have beautiful 13-inch wide birch stock, sold in 8-foot lengths, perfect for this job.


The hardwood stair end caps were removed, and the entire staircase was disassembled. My clients asked if I could come up with something a little more modern like a waterfall staircase design. Birch and maple do tend to blotch and show patches everywhere, so a special stain completely eliminated the colour blotch on the maple and birch hardwood. The colour match turned out beautifully.

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