Stair And Railing Refinishing

Whether you are looking to upkeep the staircase for your historic home or only looking to renovate, refurbish and update your home, Fournier Finishing has years of experience with the refinishing of stairs and railings. 


Following an initial inspection and consultation, we can discuss which stain is best suited for your project. The entire staircase will then be sanded, stained and finished. Existing railings can also usually be sanded and stained as well. Posts, spindles, risers and stringers are often opted to be painted or replaced.


The timing of the project depends on the condition and size of the staircase. Have a look through past Fournier Finishing projects to see other staircase refinishing work. 


Are you interested in refurbishing your stairs to match your dream home? Contact us for more information on how we can help.