Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The Greater Vancouver Area has an abundance of homes built in the early 20th century that boast gorgeous hardwood floors and inlaid borders. As with anything else, time takes its toll and renovations are needed. Fournier Finishing specializes in hardwood floor refinishing. We can sand these down, stain them and refinish them to match their former glory. 


When it comes to sanding and staining your hardwood floors, the process involves an initial consultation on site. From here, we can work together to find the perfect stain match. Choose 3-4 colour swatches that we try directly on your actual floor with various samples. We work together to ensure that you are happy with the final decision, and there are no surprises. 


A hardwood floor will typically be rough sanded to remove the existing finish, followed by finer grits to create a smooth finish. The wood is then stained and finished. Timing is different for every project; however, typically, a single room will take a day. 


The primary concerns with floor sanding are logistics and dust containment. To reduce the chances of dust propagation, we fully clear the room before the project starts and ideally seal off the adjacent rooms. Clients typically make arrangements to vacate while the work is in progress for larger projects.



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